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Neelu Litho

Pink kunzite bracelet, balance of the heart, emotional autonomy

Pink kunzite bracelet, balance of the heart, emotional autonomy

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Pink kunzite bracelet, magnificent stone with a slightly mauve pink tone.

Linked to the 4th chakra, the heart, this alignment stone helps to find the right posture between giving and receiving and respecting our emotional territory, having autonomy in emotional relationships. It is also a stone for therapists who feel destabilized, invaded, and need to find positioning.

I make the bracelets to your size.
-> Remember to leave me a message telling me the desired size.
By default I send a bracelet with a circumference of 17.5cm.

The beauty of the stones means that each bracelet will be significantly different from another. I choose high quality stones and I only mount beads that I judge to be in good condition on the bracelets. There may be particular markings as in one of the photos. This is part of the unique charm of jewelry.


6 or 8mm beads, 3 elastics (2 multi-strands + 1 nylon) very resistant, decorative beads on request

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