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Sumatran blue amber - release of tensions - rolled stone

Sumatran blue amber - release of tensions - rolled stone

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The wonderful blue amber from Sumatra* with such a beautiful dark honey color! Warm and soft to the touch, it sticks a little in the hand when you hold it for a while.
It is the authentic coniferous plant resin which fossilized then hardened and dates back 25 or even 35 million years.
A pure, natural organic material, not chemically treated.

The properties of amber will make you love it: linked to the 2nd chakra, or sacred chakra, it acts on the body by providing warm softness, a release of pain, tension, stress (also by combining white jade ), well-being, fluidity and joy in touch.
I also find the combination of amber and menilite opal extraordinary: the reconnection with the body's feelings, the sensation of well-being and softness is even moving.

-> Rolled stone 3.5cm long and 1.7cm wide - weight: 5.30 and 5.88 grams

Note: Attracted for a long time by amber, I have had several bad experiences with amber from the Baltic, even though it was sold with a certificate of authenticity (!). I even tested it by setting it on fire: I got orange-yellow flames, a smell of petrochemicals and black particles which remained in suspension for several hours in my kitchen!!

Sumatran amber is incomparable and you can feel by touch and the effects felt that you are there with an unadulterated, real resin.

The name blue amber comes from the fact that under UV light, the resin takes on a fluorescent color tending towards blue.
*Royal Blu Sumatra Amber

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