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Larimar pendant / pendulum and ethnic pearls - calming conflicts, hypersensitivity

Larimar pendant / pendulum and ethnic pearls - calming conflicts, hypersensitivity

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Magical jewelry: sometimes pendant, sometimes pendulum for those who like to question the past, the present or the future and wish to always have their pendulum with them.

Handcrafted jewelry made of natural larimar stone beads, ethnic African brass and silver beads, and silver beads. The pearls are mounted on a metal rod and rotate flexibly around it.

Natural larimar stone is a stone connected to the turquoise chakra located at the thymus level.*
It brings harmony on an emotional level, helps to develop subtle feelings, to let go of the fear of emotions and to resolve conflicts. To develop feelings or dare to experience emotions.
*The turquoise chakra, located at the level of the thymus towards the top of the bust, is the chakra of non-verbal communication, of the subtle feeling of one's own emotions and those of others and of empathy.

As a pendulum, it is very light compared to traditional pendulums, and therefore very sensitive. It works very well!

The pendant is sold alone.
You will find on my store:
- chains with solid silver carabiner for alternate use as a pendant or pendulum,
- the possibility of mounting it as a pendulum with a silver chain and Tibetan silver metal bead approximately 15 cm long
- or fine silver ball chains of 40, 45, 50 or 70 cm

Size: 4.5 long
Width: 1.5 cm for the large African ethnic bead.
Weight: 4 grams

I create each piece according to my inspiration, in my small workshop. There may be small flaws on ethnic beads, this is part of their charm and craftsmanship.

Original creation

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