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Purple opal pendant / pendulum, tuareg beads and silver beads - 7th chakra

Purple opal pendant / pendulum, tuareg beads and silver beads - 7th chakra

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Magical jewel: sometimes pendant, sometimes pendulum, for those who wish to question the past, the present, the future..

Purple opal is a very subtle stone connected to the 7th chakra or crown chakra, which brings calm, allows you to let go of tensions and worries from the past and helps you perceive the magnificence of the present moment. It has milky hues, with ocher or purple colored veins.
To maintain its beauty and light, you can immerse it in water from time to time (like all opals).

The pendant is sold alone.
You will find on my store:
- chains with solid silver carabiner for alternate use as a pendant or pendulum,
- the possibility of mounting it as a pendulum with a silver chain and Tibetan silver metal bead approximately 15 cm long
- or fine silver ball chains of 40, 45, 50 or 70 cm

Size approximately 4.5 long and 1.5 cm wide for the large African ethnic bead.
Weight: less than 5 grams

Made of delicate purple opal beads (a stone that is difficult to find in beads), an ethnic Tuareg bead, Tibetan silver and metal alloy beads, and silver beads mounted around a stem.

Beads may have some color variations from photos, for example if the pieces photographed have been sold; The ethnic beads are handmade and all have marks and traces which give them their unique charm.
Do not hesitate to ask me by message if you would like a photo of the piece you are about to order.

Original creation.

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