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Neelu Litho

Pendant / pendulum of white labradorite and Bohemian glass

Pendant / pendulum of white labradorite and Bohemian glass

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White labradorite is a thymus chakra stone, very close to moonstone. It promotes intuition, empathy, helps to harmonize relationships and to be open to encounters.

The jewel is a pendant that can be used/transformed into a pendulum. As such, it works wonderfully!

The pendant is sold alone.
You will find on my store:
- chains with solid silver carabiner for alternate use as a pendant or pendulum,
- the possibility of mounting it as a pendulum with a silver chain and Tibetan silver metal bead approximately 15 cm long
- or fine silver ball chains of 40, 45, 50 or 70 cm

Artisanal creation, jewelry made of a white labradorite pearl with a bluish reflection, a large Bohemian glass pearl, Tibetan pearls in silver metal alloy, and silver pearls.

Weight 6.90 grams
pendulum length 4.9 cm
max width 1.4cm

Original creation.

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