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Hand of Fatma recharging plate in selenite - minerals and harmonization

Hand of Fatma recharging plate in selenite - minerals and harmonization

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Pretty square plaque of natural selenite engraved with the Hand of Fatima / Fatima / Hamsa motif for the maintenance and realignment of stones, crystals and natural stone jewelry, and to harmonize your living spaces and bring calm.
The stone is very soft and harmonious.

The hand of Fatima also called Fatma, Hamsa or Khamsa or also hand of Miriam is a motif used in the three religions of the Book and also in Buddhism. It is used as an amulet, talisman, protection and good luck charm. The eye in the center watches over and protects the person who wears this symbol and believes in it. It also attracts luck and positive vibes.
For Buddhists, it represents the 5 senses and connects the 5 fingers with the chakras.

Selenite is a stone of the 6th chakra which has the property of soothing tension, mental activity, helps to achieve a state of meditation and promotes sleep. You can put this plate in your bedroom. In this case, use it to fall asleep, and as decoration, or to recharge soft stones for sleep.
To recharge other stones, it is best not to do it in a room related to sleep.

Please note: selenite is a fragile stone that dissolves with water. It is recommended not to pass it under water and to handle it delicately.

Each stone is cut and engraved with gentleness and care. It may have some lines and marks due to the quality of the stone.

The bracelets presented on the plaque are on sale in the Litho section of the store.

Plate 10cm in diameter and 1.5cm thick
Weight 320 grams

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