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Repair/modification of jewelry purchased from the store

Repair/modification of jewelry purchased from the store

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Repair of jewelry purchased from the Neelu Litho store:

I take care to attach the bracelets with good quality materials or clasps, however it can happen that an elastic or cable breaks for one reason or another.
Unless there is a defect that you notice in the days following receipt of the jewelry, I offer the repair of your jewelry, purchased on Neelu Litho, for a modest cost.
I do not repair jewelry purchased elsewhere.

- if it is an elastic thread that is damaged or has fallen apart, you can send me back the bracelet with all the beads and I will reassemble it identically, for the price of shipping by postage + obligatory taxes and commissions, around €5.
Make sure to give me your contact details!

- if you have lost pearls and I need to replenish the bracelet or jewelry, I need to see if I have any identical pearls left or if I can recommend them, and the amount will vary depending on the pearls. I am setting the price of the repair here at €15, including tracked letter delivery, but of course if only a few pearls are missing, I will create a product sheet especially for you with the appropriate price.
You might as well send me your contact details!

- if it is gold-plated or silver-plated jewelry, we will see together what I can do and how much it would cost you. I'll need a photo of the jewelry to figure it out. I will create a product sheet especially for you, after giving you an estimate of the repair price.

Anyway, the best thing is to send me a message first, so that we can discuss it:
Tell me the essential information here: How many pearls do you have left? What was the size of the bracelet? Do you know which stones or beads are missing? Or what is your repair need?

The times indicated for sending the order (5-7 working days) only apply once I have received your jewelry for repair and if I do not have to recommend pearls, and of course the Deadlines are different if you live in a country other than France.

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