Good morning,
Would you like to know who is behind this site, this store and these jewelry? Here I am !
Neelu is the nickname my husband gave me when we met. It was in India and my Western first name (Nathalie) didn't sound as good. I kept this pretty name, which certainly freed me from ready-made ideas that I might have about myself and made me dare to take the plunge and follow my dreams!

Neelu Litho is a big passion of mine!
It's being crazy about minerals, jewelry, colors, materials... having an immense desire that keeps me up at night, when an idea comes along and I have to make it happen!
I always ended up creating with my hands what I needed when I couldn't find it, or when nothing that was for sale found favor with my eyes: mobiles, pottery, sewing, little notebooks, a lampshade... I also loved writing, I was also led to make a short film, a fabulous adventure!
Jewelry intimidated me, and it was much later and almost by chance that I came to create bracelets, then clocks and pendants, jewelry that I dreamed of wearing.
Each creation is a quest, the search for a sensation to bring me closer to an idea of ​​the feminine that I carry somewhere within me, which was perhaps born from my childhood readings with the magnificent tales that develop the imagination : Russian tales with these magnificent illustrations of Ivan Yakovlevitch Bilibine, Rapunzel, Grimm's tales, films too... what builds us which is part of both the collective memory and a unique journey.
Above all, I need my eyes to be filled with colors and shapes. It could have been the plants, and it is, but creating with my hands is an immense joy.
I also love everything ethnic, beads, fabrics, patterns... what makes the heart travel...
Creating and offering today what I have done with my hands is a delight for me.
Then comes the meeting with you.
This may be by advising you on the choice of lithotherapy stones, or for a tailor-made creation. With each order, discover which piece of jewelry you liked, wrap it nicely, prepare the little package... and often when afterwards you send me a little note, what joy!
So I sincerely hope that you will have as much pleasure in discovering and wearing these jewels as I have in creating or choosing them (because as you will see in the store, I also offer certain favorites that I hunted!).
Yours sincerely,